10 Day 10 Vegan Soups Challenge by Sayali Bedekar Patil Book Review


Title: 10 Day 10 Vegan Soups Challenge
Author: Sayali Bedekar Patil
Genre: Cookbook
Format: PDF
Pages: 36


If you are looking for a quick diet plan that involves nutritious food and is quick to make, try the vegan soups in this 10-Day Soup Challenge recipe book!


Can you make a cream of vegetable soup without rich cream? And will it be just as creamy and delicious? If you want to make vegan soups at home, 10 Day 10 Vegan Soups Challenge by Sayali Bedekar Patil is the book for you.

Here is the story. The author and her sister decided to go on a soup diet and undertake a 10 Day 10 Soup Challenge. Since she is a vegan herself, it included only vegan soups. The book is a pick of ten recipes from the challenge.

Soups are the universal comfort food. The book includes healthy and hearty home-made vegan soups. Most of the soups are quick and easy to make. She keeps things simple (except for a few). The recipes are well explained and would work for someone who is a novice cook. This book also great for people with lactose intolerance who want to enjoy creamy soups.

It is a good mix of cuisines, from Italian to Indian to Japanese to Oriental. Most of the soups are fusion recipes that are the author’s take on the original recipe. There is an Italian soup with the Indian twist of spicy chillies. The spicy urad dal soup with kokum also seems unique and interesting.

My favorite recipes were hot and sour soup, the carrot, basil, and tomato soup and the cream of mushroom soup. I will be trying them out soon.

Each soup recipe includes an image and they are as real as they get. Often, we wonder why our dish did not turn out exactly like the book although we followed the recipe to the T.

I wish she had included more recipes. Ten is too little a number for a recipe book. I would rate the book a 4.5/5.

If you are looking for easy to make vegan soups, download your free copy of 10 Day 10 Vegan Soups Challenge by Sayali Bedekar Patil today. It is free for download for a very limited time.

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