Easy Indian Fusion Cooking by Harjeet Kaur Book Review


Title: Easy Indian Fusion Cooking
Author: Harjeet Kaur
Genre: Cookbook
Format: PDF
Pages: 111


Easy Indian Fusion Cooking has simple recipes which are healthy and balanced. The breakfast recipes are nourishing. Chicken recipes are for light dinners; baked, grilled, or pan-fried. The author has blended the traditional cooking methods but improvised them to suit experienced as well as newbies in the kitchen. Fusion is the going word!


Mexican tacos with Indian flavors. Eggplant pizza. Spicy chicken omurice. Do you love experimenting with food and trying out new combinations? Get creative in the kitchen with Easy Indian Fusion Cooking by Harjeet Kaur.

The book has a melange of nutritious breakfast and hearty chicken dinner recipes. It is a varied mix of cuisines from all over the world – Indian, Mexican, Moroccan, and Chinese. Fusion cooking is all about combining ingredients and techniques. The author has transformed traditional recipes into gourmet with the magic of her ladle. She proclaims herself to be a “jugaadu” (makeshift) cook but there is nothing jugaadu about her recipes.

Each recipe in the book has a story. Whether it is about the lesser-known ingredient, a personal story, or the food item itself. The author also shares her tips to elevate the dishes. The instructions are in detail and well explained. They would be easy to follow by a novice cook too.

What makes a good cookbook stand out are the photos. And Harjeet’s book scores high on it. Right from the book cover. The pictures are well presented and mouth-watering.

Most of the recipes are easy to recreate with readily available ingredients. My favorite recipe was Chicken Majestic. I had it years back in Hyderabad and will be trying it out again soon. Another favorite is the fusion tacos.

The book is a must-have for veteran and newbie cooks alike. I would rate the book a 5/5. If you are looking for quick and easy fusion recipes, download your free copy of Easy Indian Fusion Cooking by Harjeet Kaur today. It is free for download for a very limited time.

About the Author

Harjeet is an acclaimed blogger and a freelance content writer, covering a myriad of topics like Food, Travel, Gardening, Grooming, Lifestyle and Ghost writing. She is a happy, cheerful and busy grandmother and a passionate home chef. She proclaims to be a “Jugaadu” cook, when in fact she is a consummate one. In this book, Harjeet Kaur transforms traditional recipes into gourmet by the turn of her ladle. This is a comprehensive fusion of recipes from Indian, Mexican, and Moroccan & Chinese cuisines.

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