Easy Recipes from Mads’ Cookhouse Book Launch


It’s here! Announcing the launch of my cookbook, Easy Recipes from Mads’ Cookhouse as a part of the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.

Cooking is often less complicated than it is made out to be. If you think biryani and tikkas are tough to cook, this is a book for you. Home cooking has never been this easy.

As an army wife, I have traversed the length and breadth of India. Picking up recipes along the way and inventing a few of my own. When you have foodie brats at home, experiments are a way of life.

I share a mixed bag of my favorite easy to cook recipes. Some that are as old as my mother’s and some fairly recent. Lip-smacking ones but do not require slogging in the kitchen. Recipes fit for every meal – breakfast or dinner. And those with ingredients that are readily available in your pantry. What’s more, the book is text to speech enabled. You can listen to the book using a compatible app.

My cookbook Easy Recipes from Mads’ Cookhouse is now available at Amazon. Grab your copy today! Do share your feedback and pics if you try out the recipes.