Looking Back at the A to Z Challenge 2020

April 2020 was a month where everything was in a tizzy. The corona pandemic had (and still has) us anxious. And the lockdown made us all homebound.

I launched my blog Mads’ Cookhouse to keep myself busy doing something that I love. And a blogging challenge was the perfect way to launch it. I signed up for both the Blogchatter A to Z 2020 Challenge and the International A to Z 2020 Challenge.

I shared my favorite recipes. Some as old as my mother’s and some I created just last year. My theme was quick and easy recipes. Recipes that are delicious but do not require slogging. And those with ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.

As an army wife, I am a planner. Once I decided on participating in the challenge, I got down to make a list of all the recipes I wanted to feature. In fact, all my recipe posts and photos were ready even before April began.

I am new to blogging and was overwhelmed by the love and support I received. Thank you each and everyone who took the time out to interact on my recipe posts. I cannot wait to share more recipes with you. I also got to read some really good blogs on a range of topics.

What’s next? I have already registered for the Blogchatter EBook Carnival 2020 and am now looking forward to publishing my first cookbook. Stay tuned!

And now I proudly display my A to Z Challenge Mission Accomplished badge.

Check out the amazing bloggers below.