Mads’ Cookhouse Turns One: Looking Back At The Year Gone By

Blogaversary Mads Cookhouse

Exactly a year back on March 18th, 2020, I launched my blog Mads’ Cookhouse. A name I coined as a tribute to my siblings (my sisters call me Mads, my brother calls me Madhouse). I have always believed that cooking is often less complicated than it is made out to be. At Mads’ Cookhouse, I wanted to share easy recipes, time-saving tips, all while having a lot of fun alongside. 

A to Z Challenge

I launched it with the Blogchatter A to Z challenge. I also participated in the international A to Z challenge. It was a hectic month and just the start of the lockdown. Since I had already planned it out and had been preparing recipes since February, it wasn’t as crazy. I met some amazing people who supported me each step of the way. The cherry on top – a few of my A to Z recipes were featured by Pinterest on their Today tab.

My First Cookbook

In May, I released my first cookbook, Easy Recipes From Mads’ Cookhouse, all thanks to the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. Realizing my lifelong dream of writing a cookbook. The book is a mixed bag of twenty-six of my favorite easy to cook recipes.

YouTube Channel

In August, I launched my YouTube Channel sharing a recipe every Tuesday consistently for the past seven months. My recipes were now in video format and were reaching out to food lovers across the globe. I was also invited by YouTube to participate in their sessions for new and upcoming features. It helped me grow my channel further.

Weekly Podcast

Alongside, I launched the Mads’ Cookhouse Podcast. It has been listed #17 among the Top 40 Home Cooking Podcasts across the web. And recently crossed 2500 listens.


I discovered the Cookpad India community in June 2020 and there has been no looking back. I connected with people who share my love for food and cooking. Participating in challenges, being featured on their newsletter and on social media, and winning contests. Recently, I was judged one of the winners of their Maggi Collaboration Contest.


More recently, I have partnered with brands to create recipes for their new and upcoming products. I love experimenting with ingredients. And it has been a fulfilling experience.

In spite of the pandemic, it has been an eventful year and I am loving every minute of it. I am just getting started.  Thank you family, friends, and readers for always supporting me. I love hearing your feedback when you try out my recipes.

Here’s raising a toast to you all!