Welcome to Mads’ Cookhouse


Hello there! I am Madhu, a young woman of seventy-two who loves to cook, feed, and eat. My family calls me Mads. I cook up a storm in my cookhouse and my home always smells delicious. Borrowed teeth (dentures), borrowed leg (a titanium rod), and borrowed eyes (spectacles) do not hold me back. I am notorious for increasing waistlines and decreasing will power. 

As a fauji wife, I have traversed the length and breadth of India. North to south, east to west. Picking up recipes along the way and inventing a few of my own. When you have foodie brats at home, experiments are a way of life.

I love challenges and the A to Z challenge seems right up my alley. Stay tuned.

Cooking is often less complicated than it is made out to be. If you love to cook or are just starting out, follow me as I cook up and share some lip-smacking recipes. I share secrets from my kitchen (and those of my mother). So grab that pen and paper (share/bookmark button) and let’s get going.