15 Easy & Healthy Winter Recipes

15 Easy and Healthy Winter Recipes

Hearty soups. Stuffed parathas. One pot rice meals. Traditional easy-to-cook vegetables. Sweet treats for kids and adults alike. Delicious and cozy recipes to keep you healthy during the colder months. Make the most of the winter produce with these 15 delectable winter special recipes. Click through for easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step videos.


Warm your body and soul with some hearty soups this winter. Packed with nutrients, these nourishing soups are perfect for winter cravings. You won’t be reaching for the packaged soup again.

There is nothing more nourishing than a hot bowl of Cream of Spinach Soup. Loaded with iron, fiber, and nutrients, this delicious soup is just as easy to make at home.

It is biting cold this winter. What better than reaching for a hearty than a bowl of hot soup. Instead of reaching for a packaged one, try out this recipe.

A delicious and nutritious soup that is ready in minutes but equally filling. The Manchow Soup is a popular Indo-Chinese soup loaded with veggies topped with fried noodles. 


Tantalize your taste buds with hot stuffed parathas that are hearty and delicious. Millet parathas or stuffed with veggies, who says they cannot be a healthy option?

Start the year on a healthy note with Jowar Mooli Paranthas. Packed with nutrients, these gluten-free paranthas work perfectly for breakfast or lunch.

Hot parathas with lip-smacking green peas stuffing and a dollop of butter on top. These hearty and delicious parathas are perfect for winter.

Spicy eggs between a layer of crisp rotis. The Egg Paratha is a family favorite and one of my signature dishes. Try out this easy-to-cook recipe.

Biryani and Rice

Vegetable biryanis and pulaos for those lazy weekend brunches and lunches that are low on effort and high on flavors. Try these traditional recipes that are sure to impress.

Basmati rice, Amritsari urad dal wadis, and aromatic spices. Simple ingredients come together in this traditional and wholesome Punjabi rice dish Wadi Chawal. 

Basmati rice, vegetables, and aromatic spices combined together for a delicious Vegetable Biryani that is just as lip-smacking as its non-vegetarian counterpart. Why should vegetarians be left behind?

The humble raw kathal or jackfruit elevated to a delicious, lip-smacking pulao. Kathal Tawa Pulao is the perfect vegetarian alternative that will have you licking your fingers.

Vegetable Delights

Vegetables are available all year round these days but nothing like the fresh produce during winter. Enjoy these traditional vegetable preparations that go perfectly with your meals.

Soft paneer cubes in a rich fenugreek and spinach gravy. Methi Chaman is a classic and flavorful dish from the Kashmiri cuisine. Try out my version of the recipe.

Enjoy the flavors of winter with the Punjabi speciality – Shalgam ka Bharta. Full of nutrients, this traditional easy-to-cook dish is enjoyed by even the picky eaters.

Fenugreek leaves and green peas in a subtly flavored cream-based gravy. Try out this nut-free version of the immensely popular Methi Matar Malai that is easy to make and just as delicious.

Sweets & Desserts

Lohri. Makar Sankranti. Pongal. The harvest festivals are around the corner. Enjoy the sweets that are meant to keep you warm during the dropping temperatures too. 

The harvest festival in India is incomplete without the til ke ladoo. Rich in nutrients, these provide an extra boost of energy in the cold winter months. Try out this easy gluten-free no-fail recipe.

Make winter snacking healthier and tastier with sunflower seeds and jaggery chikki or brittles. Try out this easy-to-cook nut-free, gluten-free, vegan recipe that is rich in nutrients.

Kong Phirin or Saffron Phirni is a traditional Kashmiri dessert made of semolina instead of rice. Flavored with saffron and cardamoms, try out the nut-free version of the creamy yet light Kashmiri dish.

Hope you have picked up some ideas and are all set. Do try out the recipes and don’t forget to share the pics with me.

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