15 Easy Christmas Dinner Recipes

15 Easy Christmas Dinner Recipes

Christmas is just around the corner. If you are looking for easy and delicious recipes for your Christmas dinner, I have got you covered. From roasts to pies to sides. From drinks to desserts. Enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Check out these 15 recipes I have shared with you to try this Christmas. Click through for easy-to-follow instructions and step and step videos.

Chicken Roasts

The star of the Christmas meal. The Roasts! I have for you some fusion recipes that have been in my family for generations. And I hope you enjoy them equally.

An age-old recipe of my mother that is loved by four generations of foodies. Kettle Chicken is a take on the roast chicken with desi masalas.

Crispy, juicy, and full of flavor. A family favorite and ready in minutes, try out this quick and easy recipe of Christmas roast chicken in an air fryer.

Tandoori Chicken for Christmas dinner? Why not! Oven roasted juicy and delicious chicken that is bursting with flavors. Need I say more?


Can you really have a Christmas spread without a pie? I have for you some easy bakes that are not as complicated as they look. 

Sauteed meat and vegetables topped with creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes. Shepherd’s Pie is a hearty English recipe that will have you going in for seconds.

A French tart made of pastry crust, filled with chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and savory custard. A one-pot meal that works perfectly for a Christmas breakfast too.

A simple and delicious bake that is perfect for Christmas. Comfort food at its best. Try this easy to cook recipe that is a hit among kids and adults alike.

Drinks and Mocktails

Mimosas and mojitos. You need a drink to complement that delicious spread. If you prefer cocktails, add a bubbly, vodka, or spirit of your choice. And you are good to go.

Complement the Christmas dinner with a crisp, virgin strawberry mimosa mocktail that is full of flavor. 

A delicious and crisp virgin Orange Lemon Mojito. This non-alcoholic drink is perfect for Christmas or just a special evening.

Colorful and refreshing, the non-alcoholic citrusy drink is also perfect for dinner or a cocktail party.


Look beyond the mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables this Christmas. These sides as just as delicious as the roasts and just might steal the spotlight.

Light and fluffy gnocchi in a delectable herb and cheese sauce. These Italian potato dumplings are just as easy to make.

Ready in minutes and gone in minutes too. Healthy and delicious, the Air Fryer Garlic Mushrooms are quick and easy to make and will have people asking for more.

Juicy and tender chicken pieces in a rich and bold black pepper sauce. A quick and easy recipe that packs a punch of flavors. Works perfectly as an appetizer or a side.


A fitting end to a Christmas dinner. These recipes include both classic and fusion recipes. And not to leave the kids behind, I have included donuts for them to gorge on.

Two classic dessert recipes come together in the Sugar-Free Gulab Jamun Yule Logs. Try out this sugar free fusion recipe of the classic Christmas dessert.

Cold Lemon Soufflé or the delicate Soufflé Milanaise is an age-old recipe of mine that is always high in demand. Light and airy, melt-in-the-mouth dessert that is easy to make.

A sweet treat loved by kids and adults alike. Try this easy-to-cook recipe of soft and fluffy No Yeast Eggless Donuts using ingredients and equipment readily available in your kitchen.

Hope you have picked up some ideas and are all set. Have a Merry Christmas and don’t forget to share pics of your Christmas spread with me.

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15 Easy Christmas Dinner Recipes